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Ifad Cheesy Bites ( Family Pack) 300 Gm
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Ifad Cheesy Bites ( Family Pack) 300 Gm

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Show your guest you love them by DIY-ing recipes with Ifad Cheesy Bites. Being salty and cheesy flavored, you can make these a combo with meats and cheese. Whether you're in the office or a hangout, you can always try these munchies!

General Information:
• Brand: Ifad
• Category: Snacks & Beverages
• Sub-Category: Biscuits & Cookies
• Product Type: Biscuits
• Net weight: 300 g

Features and Benefits of Ifad Cheesy Bites:
• Sugar-free: These biscuits are very low in sugar. Therefore, any diabetes patient can try them as snacks.
• Holds nutritional ingredients: These biscuits have protein, vitamins, and extra ingredients, making them a very rich source.
• Good energy source: These biscuits have ingredients that provide a good energy source. Therefore, one packet could make your energy boost up in a few seconds.
• Cheesy flavor: This biscuit comes with a cheesy flavor which makes them a perfect snacking option.

Best Ways to eat Ifad Cheesy Bites:
• Put a piece of sliced cheese to get a good combo
• These crackers go really good with any beverage (coffee, tea, milk, etc.)

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