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Snacks and Beverages

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Tea and Coffee
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Chocholates and Wafers
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Noodles, Soup and Ramen
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Drinks and Beverages
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Cakes and Brownies
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Cereal and Spreads
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Biscuits and Cookies
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Tea and Coffee

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Ispahani Best Leaf Tea 400gm

Tk 198

Ispahani Best Leaf Tea 200gm

Tk 110
15 Tk Discount

Fresh Premium Tea 200gm

Tk 95Tk 110

Lipton Green Tea Pure And Light 50ct

Tk 230

Seylon Foil Pack 200gm

Tk 110

Nescafe Classic Coffee Jar 200g

Tk 495

Nescafe Classic Jar 12x200g

Tk 495

Nescafe Classic 3 In 1 15g

Tk 10

Seylon Tea(family Bland) Foil Pack - 400gm ( 1pc Plastic Box Free)

Tk 210

Nescafe Creamy Lattle 18g

Tk 10
9 Tk Discount

Lipton Green Tea Pure And Light 25ct

Tk 111Tk 120

Fresh Premium Masala Tea Bag - 2gm/25pcs

Tk 100

Fresh Premium Tea 400gm (500 Gm Sugar Free)

Tk 200

Nescafe Gold Blend Sgnt Jar 100g

Tk 495

Fresh Premium Tea Bag - 100gm/50pcs

Tk 85

Ama Coffee 500gm (foil Pack)

Tk 250
40 Tk Discount

Ispahani Blender's Choice Black Tea (50 Tea Bags) 100gm

Tk 85Tk 125
5 Tk Discount

Simla Tea 400gm (free Box)

Tk 195Tk 200

Kazi & Kazi Tea Medley (40 Sachets) 65gm

Tk 160
12 Tk Discount

Tetley Green Tea Bag - Pure Original 25s/37.5g

Tk 138Tk 150